General Information

“Baisal” Ltd. was registered in June, 1996 as an enterprise aimed at producing of wheelchairs for people with disabilities. “L.R. and associates” Ltd. is the founder of the enterprise.

Since the starting date of the enterprise it took us half a year to commence the production process; the fact is that we had to start from the very beginning, for there was no any base (e.g. an old enterprise) to build our enterprise on. During that period there was developed the appropriate technological process; both large and small equipment was prepared; partners in both raw and accessory materials deliveries were found.

The personnel was selected and the first wheelchair model design was worked out. In January, 1997 wheel-chairs production started. Due to getting in contact with disabled people institutions, during the first year new models of collapsible wheelchairs both for adults and children were designed in association with specialists of the Republic Orthopedic Center. In 1999 production of multifunctional wheelchair-beds as well as walkers and wheel-chairs auxiliary devices has been also mastered; production of wheel-chairs with a strengthened frame and wheels to be used in rural area, has been developed and started already. In 1999 individual orders for various wheelchairs accessories to alleviate the disabled people’s life, increased in number.

From the very beginning we counted to reduce the range of spare parts and junctions imported. Nowadays bicycle wheels are imported only, for there is no enterprise in the republic specializing in manufacture of bicycle wheels as well as aluminum footboards. All the rest is produced in “Baisal” directly or ordered in Bishkek. The main partner in the ordered parts deliveries is “Dastan” corporation located in Bishkek.

Disabled people from Kyrgyzstan are consumers of our production; but due to their being reduced to abject poverty wheelchairs are purchased by various organizations. Till 1999 the State used to be the major customer; afterwards the following institutions have become customers of our production - International Charity Corpus, “Family to Family” Association, Department of Social Protection of Bishkek city, Danish Institution “Save Children”, “Philip Morris” Representative Office.

Wheelchairs after-sales technical service rendered in Bishkek and its surroundings was appreciated by our users.

Individual orders execution based both on disabled peoples’ requirements and orthopedists’ recommendations appears to be an important aspect of providing users with the necessary rehabilitation technical facilities.

A flexible working system makes it possible to quickly master new models and execute individual orders.

We greet all forms of cooperation!